Ginger Carrot Salad with Quinoa

Ginger Carrot Salad with Quinoa |

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On occasion, one fail in the kitchen can turn into something very unexpected. Take for example, this salad. The shredded carrots started at as a filling for a stuffed pepper. My goal had been to have a breakfast pepper, complete with a baked egg. I tried and tried but the results were always the same- a tough egg yolk. I hated it but I had all of this shredded carrot mixture leftover at which point, I added it to lettuce and called it a day. I’ve since eaten this carrot salad nearly every day for lunch and I don’t regret not getting the pepper to work.

The best part in my mind: if you are using quinoa leftovers, this salad comes together in 5 minutes (and while I recommend you let it sit for a bit, it could really be eaten right away.) But, even if you don’t have extra quinoa sitting around- it’s such a quick cooking grain that it still keeps this meal quick.

See the Recipe.

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