Thai Curry Red Pepper Soup

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It may be officially fall by the calendar date, but there’s two strikes against it feeling completely like fall in Northern California: the temperature is supposed to be in the 90’s today and summer produce is still everywhere (which I’m okay with, I like my sweet potatoes but we have many months to enjoy them!) This summer, I’ve fallen in love with a man named Jimmy. Don’t worry, M knows about this love and while he thinks it’s weird, doesn’t find it threatening. It also helps that the Jimmy I fell in love with is a variety of pepper, not the actual man (even though the pepper is named for the man).

Jimmy Nardello peppers are a sweet Italian pepper and the flavor goes above and beyond the red bell pepper. I’ve always been a fan of the Italian peppers over the bell peppers, but this pepper sealed the deal. If you’re curious, you can learn a bit more about the man and the pepper here.

See the Recipe.

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