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Cherry & Coconut Bombe Alaska

So remember in my last post I spoke about how easy it can be, as a food lover, to consume loads of calories? Yeah… this is one of those times.

You see it was Paul’s birthday earlier this month, and being the loving wife that I am I try to make the day special for him, and I tend to show my love through food. On recent birthdays I’ve hand delivered cupcakes to his work, and another year I took a day off work to cook and surprise him with a 3 course dinner when he arrived home.

This year for his birthday I made him a breakfast of eggy crumpets with bacon and maple syrup (thanks Not Quite Nigella), ordered a surprise Crust pizza delivery to his work for lunch (inspired by Chocolatesuze), and took him for dinner (blog post coming soon).

As usual I also asked Paul what cake he’d like me to bake for his birthday. His answer was swift: the MasterChef Bombe Alaska *cue fear-inducing music*. Despite not being interested in MasterChef, Paul did see the Bombe Alaska pressure test episode and had been hinting at it ever since. Neither of us had eaten one before, and I had been curious about it for a while… Then the June issue of MasterChef Magazine arrived with that Bombe Alaska displayed on the cover, and with the 2 page recipe inside how could I say no?

There are different variations of this dessert. The meringue on a ‘Baked Alaska’ can be finished with a blowtorch or in a 220C oven for a few minutes or until golden. The meringue acts as insulation for the ice-cream centre which prevents it from melting.

Some recipes have cake only as the base, the cake can vary from sponge to Christmas cake, and a true Bombe Alaska (technically the MasterChef version is a Baked Alaska) is all dining room theatre: with dimmed lights, liquor such as brandy or rum is set alight and poured over the meringue for some tableside flambΓ© action.

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