Sweet Potato Curry with Brown Rice

Sweet Potato Curry with Brown Rice| http://naturallyella.com

A wise person once told me that after you have a kid, one perceives time as though it moves at roughly double the speed as it did before. Even in these past few months, I can tell that to be true. I look at Mack and am amazed that he was so tiny only a few short months ago. I scroll back through my emails to reply back to an email I thought came in last week only to realize it’s been a month. And most days, I’m lucky if I look at the clock before 3pm rolls around (being a work from home mother is no joke.) I am living in a rather large fog that I keep reassuring myself will eventually clear into a new sense of normalcy and routine.

The one thing that’s kept me sane throughout these months has been cooking. It’s helped to keep my brain a bit sharper and to keep a bit of my creative juices flowing. I’m constantly brainstorming new ideas, coming up with new recipes I want to try (this list has hundreds of recipes, it’s both exciting and scary), and challenging myself to simple, vegetarian meals that don’t take hours to prepare (as documented through my lunches that may one day become a recipe for the blog).

See the Recipe.

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