Sweet Corn Sorghum Stuffed Peppers

Sweet Corn Sorghum Stuffed Peppers | @naturallyella

Over the past three years, my patio garden has grown and evolved. I’ve learned so much and every year, I get a bit better at not killing things off. One of the toughest things is battling the hot, valley summer while trying to balance water conservation. This year I installed a drip system that works on a timer, but I’m still carefully monitoring everything (but the initial water bill was nearly half of what it was last year!) It’s both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking because it seems very easy to kill a plant off that was doing well only a week ago.

That being said, I tend to have excellent luck with peppers. I have three plants, a sweet pepper plant, a shisito plant and a poblano plant (primarily to make stuffed peppers). If I had it my way, 90% of stuffed pepper recipes would be made using poblano (this also might be because I’m kind of in love with Chile Relleno). I love the unique flavor and the fact that you’re getting a chili pepper without the intensive heat of some.

These stuffed peppers use one of my favorite stuffing grains: sorghum. Sorghum has such a nice, nutty texture and holds its own with the sweet corn. Of course, if you don’t want to wait for it to cook (it does take a bit longer) or can’t find it, quinoa is usually my second choice for a grain!

See the Recipe.

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