Roasted Green Bean Spring Rolls

Roasted Green Bean Spring Rolls | http://naturallyella.comRoasted Green Beans and Red Pepper | http://naturallyella.comRoasted Green Bean and Red Pepper Spring Rolls |

In the grand scheme of summer produce, green beans may be low on your list. I know for me, I’d often pick up a pound or two to have as a quick side along veg burgers. Or, I’d come home from the CSA with a sizable haul and would have no clue what do to with them. I assure you though, green beans make a really nice star of a recipe.

While these green bean spring rolls are a favorite of mine, I’ve also been eating quite a bit of this green bean egg skillet. Just recently I jazzed the skillet up with peppers and soy sauce mixture. Green beans are an easy grab from the market and I encourage to try a recipe showcasing their fresh summer flavor.

Speaking of these spring rolls, I wanted to mention the peppers I used. If you’ve been following along on my instagram, you might have noticed some red peppers I picked up from the market Saturday. I’m not a big fan of bell peppers and much prefer the Italian variety. I always grow green Italian peppers every summer and these red ones are a variety called Jimmy Nardello. They are a sweet pepper, fry and roast well, and I think have a nicer flavor than the red bell peppers.

(Also- if you’re not following me on instagram, you’re missing out! I’ve started sharing my #naturallylunch on a regular basis. Good non-recipe inspiration!)

See the Recipe + Pairings.

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