Ricotta Cake with Mixed Berries

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A rather short post as we head into the holiday weekend. I ended up staying Illinois for a week longer than I intended, but we’re on our way back to California today. Mack has been such a trooper through the whole process and I’ve taken away one thing: this little boy loves to be out and about. This time away has also helped me bring focus to what comes next in terms of work and this site. I have a few personal projects I’m excited to focus on and hopefully in the not-to-distant future, I’ll be sharing with you what they are. In the meantime, there’s ricotta cake.

I stumbled upon this cake in one of the recent issues on Bon Appetit. The thought of ricotta cake sounded amazing and akin to my favorite beet cake– rich and moist. They call for frozen berries but as you can probably tell from the image, I used fresh. And then a few days after testing this cake, I made a fresh peach version (also good, I just thought the berries made for a nicer looking cake). I worked this recipe a few times and after a few trials with trying to account for the maple syrup, I went back to their recipe and just upped the flour slightly and it worked wonderfully.
See the Recipe.

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