Quinoa Falafel

Quinoa Falafel Salad

| Disclosure: This recipe was created for Ancient Harvest. See below for more details. |

One of the earliest items I learned to make when I first started cooking happened to be baked falafels. I had fallen in love with falafels thanks to a local Greek restaurant near school but once I moved away, I had major falafel withdraw. And so, I decided to learn to make them at home, only slightly healthier. I’d be lying if I said the baked version was just as good as the fully fried version, which is why in this recipe, I split the difference and do a shallow fry. You will also notice that I didn’t go the traditional route and use dried chickpeas. This is for one primary reason: I have a hard time planning ahead and when I want to eat falafels, I want them now. I use the oven to help dry out the chickpeas slightly, which helps keep the moisture levels a bit closer to the traditional recipe. While this recipe can be made without the quinoa, I like the extra bit of texture the cooked quinoa provides. Read more and see the recipe.

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