Pickled Carrot and Hummus Sandwich

Pickled Carrot and Hummus Sandwich with Sprouts | http://naturallyella.com

| Disclosure: This recipe was created for Dave’s Killer Bread. See below for more details. |

Pickled Carrots | http://naturallyella.comPickled Carrot and Hummus Sandwich with Feta | http://naturallyella.comPickled Carrot and Hummus Sandwich

In the short time since Mack was born, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own childhood in relationship to what I’d love for him to experience. I think back through all the family vacations and road tips (with lunch stops at rest areas) as well as my memories of school. I remember that for both vacations and schools, sandwiches were always around. But never did I have sandwiches like this (I probably would have thought my mother was crazy but my hope is that if Mack grows up with such things as hummus sandiwches and sprouts, they become a normal part of life.)

I’m currently all about pickled things. If it can get pickled, I want to eat it. I feel like I’m also on a bit of crusade to convince you that carrots are awesome and should be stars (but really, I think that of all produce). This particular pickled carrot is adapted from Bon Appetit and was based on what I had around the house. I should also note that I had a total ‘oops’ moment in that for the photos I accidentally used fennel seeds instead of cumin (don’t ask, it was a day) At least the pickles still tasted good.

See the Recipe.

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