Peanut Butter Buckeye Balls with Popped Quinoa

Buckeye Balls with Popped Quinoa| Disclosure: This recipe was created for Ancient Harvest. See below for more details. |

Date and Peanut Butter Buckeye BallsDate and Peanut Butter Buckeye Balls with Quinoa

The majority of time, if I’m going to make holiday cookies, I’ll make them with all the butter and sweetener. To me, the occasional cookie during the holidays doesn’t warrant a special “healthy” cookie. It’s a treat and meant to be a something special which is why you won’t really find any cookies marked as healthy around this site. However, there are a couple of treats I can’t make because I’ll eat them all. In one sitting. The traditional buckeye (a peanut butter ball with chocolate coating) is one of those treats. I’m a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate.

This particular recipe is a riff from Edible Perspective’s date buckeye ball with peanuts and A Couple Cook’s variation on that buckeye ball. My added ingredient? Popped quinoa. It adds a nice crunch to the texture (not found in traditional buckeye recipes, but still good). Plus, it keeps with the healthy theme of these treats!  Read more and see the recipe.

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