Milk Chocolate Yogurt Pots with Peanut Butter from Yogurt Culture

Chocolate Yogurt Pots from Yogurt CultureChocolate Yogurt from Yogurt CultureChocolate Yogurt Pots with Salted Peanuts from Yogurt Culture

One of the things I love most about cookbooks is the near instant gratification I get after cracking open the book. There’s no reading the first chapter or reading the end of the book before reading the middle (I was guilty of this as a child). One quick look of the recipes can usually tell me whether or not a book belongs on my shelf.

I picked up Cheryl’s Yogurt Culture book in anticipation of her coming to Sacramento for a book party. I cracked it open and upon a couple flips, landed on these chocolate yogurt pots. To say I became excited is a bit of an understatement. I love chocolate mousse but it’s a rare treat because it feels a bit more decadent than the average week deserves. These yogurt pots, after being chilled, have a similar texture that leaves one feeling like they’ve eaten the richest dessert when really, it’s just yogurt and melted chocolate.

M and I are a bit addicted to the peanut butter/chocolate combination so I altered her recipe slightly to include a fluffy peanut butter center. I think almond butter would also be amazing. However, if you’re just a straight chocolate fan, make Cheryl’s recipe as is- you won’t be disappointed.

See the Recipe.

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