Curried Pumpkin Soup with Coconut

Curried Pumpkin Soup with Coconut |

Post originally published on October 8th, 2012. Last updated on October 4th, 2015.

Curried Pumpkin Soup |

Let’s talk soup. This soup is amazingly creamy and delicious with being vegan and gluten free.  The pumpkin plays well with the curry and coconut- it’s a perfect meal.  I’ve even thought about leaving it more stew consistency and adding rice to the dish to make it a hearty main.

I recommend two routes for the curry powder: homemade or buy it from a spice shop (I have a few favorites but I’m digging Oaktown right now).  The curry powder in the grocery store won’t do any meal justice!  There are so many different ways you can whip up curry powder (I highly recommend just searching for “homemade curry powder” and find the right one for you).  I made this with a spicier thai red curry powder but I think any type of curry powder would be delicious!

See the Recipe.

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