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I’m often asked, now that it’s been a couple of years, whether or not I’m glad I moved to California. I go through my now well-rehearsed spiel that while I miss my family in Illinois, California is pretty amazing (and hopefully stays amazing, we need rain!) I list off all the places that one can easily travel to within a 2 hour radius of Sacramento. I mention that we have farmers’ markets nearly every day of the week and some of those are year-round. And I usually end with the fact that there are many great people do amazing things in food here in Sacramento.

Last week I had the opportunity to get out of the house and volunteer for a few hours (first time since Mack was born!) The event was a Food Literacy Center program at their newest school added this year. Chefs from a few local restaurants came with prepared dishes, all in the name of getting kids excited about produce (and to help pick the veggie of the year.) It’s always a boost when you witness a kid try fresh produce and fall in love (it also helped that the chefs brought in some amazing samples to try!) It was also a great way to kick of Food Literacy Month here in California!

What vegetable did the kids pick as vegetable of the year? The Bell Pepper! So in honor of the bell pepper being named the veggie of the year, I whipped up these breakfast quesadillas loaded with a rainbow selection of bell peppers.

Also, if you want to know more about the Food Literacy Center: Pop over to their website to check out events, learn more about food literacy, and donate. Or if you want to see what all the fun was about, check out the photos from the school program on Food Literacy’s facebook.

See the Recipe.

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