Panzerotti Cafe, CBD

If you’re a Sydney CBD worker you’ll know how busy the streets get at lunchtime. Queues form everywhere from takeaway sushi and salad spots, to McDonald’s and Subway. I do try not to make a habit of buying my lunch, after all I enjoy making my own more, and it’s a waste of money, but some days I’m just not organised with preparing my own.

But there are those times you feel like a lunch away from your desk that is nicer than a loud food court, where you can enjoy your food in good ambiance, with good company, and excellent food – without the restaurant prices.

Panzerotti Cafe near Wynyard is this place!

Panzerotti is a sunken cafe on the corner of Margaret and York Streets and is hugely popular for its quality, authentic pastas. Lara and I arrived at 12pm sharp and easily got a table, which is good because I’d booked, but within 10 minutes the cafe was packed.

Limonata, $4

We start with garlic bread to share, though it’s not your usual garlic bread. These crunchy Brasserie Bread slices are toasted and dressed with a garlic infused oil which is a happy surprise.

Garlic bread, $5.50

The intoxicating, warming scent of garlic and herbs infuse the air here, and we can’t help eyeing off the other diners’ lunches as they’re brought past.

Happily though, our own lunches soon arrive. Lara chose the penne with prosciutto – a huge serve of perfectly al dente penne with crisp prosciutto, rosemary, garlic and chili in a napoletana sauce.

Penne Prosciutto, $15.50 eat-in ($12.50 takeaway)

I know coming to a cafe that has such good pasta and not having said pasta is like going to Hurricane’s and not having ribs, but please hear me out! The fig salad sounded too good, plus I wanted to choose a healthier option and I was am fig-mad ;)

My plate was piled high with rocket dressed in honey and lemon, with thin slices of prosciutto, fresh figs, heavenly soft buffalo mozzarella and shavings of parmesan. Served with a slice of toasted Brasserie Bread quinoa and soya loaf, I was a very happy luncher indeed.

Fig salad, $15

They sell a range of goodies to take home – dried pasta, olive oils, and tinned tomatoes, as well as loaves of Brasserie Bread, and charcuterie. We were hoping to finish our lunch on a sweet note of cannoli but unfortunately they had none :(

They also serve breakfast and coffee, and I’ve tried their excellent affogatos in the past – a quality espresso shot over a scoop of Italian hazelnut gelato, and oh yes, it’s an amazing flavour combination.

Do you have any great lunch spots near your workplace, or do you mostly eat at your desk?

Panzerotti Cafe

Contact details:
61 2 9290 1119
42 Margaret Street, Sydney
Opening hours:
6.00am – 3.30pm

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9 responses to “Panzerotti Cafe, CBD

  1. Guy

    It is also awesome for breakfasts and they open early when the Champions League Football is on.

  2. your fig salad looks delicious esp with buffalo mozza yum!

  3. Those are great prices! :O Well I work from home so I’m not the best person to ask about lunch time venus :P

  4. How good does that pasta look? And for that price, I was amazed!
    I normally make a soup or a sandwich for work, but sometimes I crave something more filling and go to Quantum Cafe in Auburn near my workplace – best chicken burger EVER!

  5. Marky C

    It’s a lot harder for me to share lunch suggestions since I’ve relocated to North Ryde, but I happened across a great lunchtime burger joint on Friday whilst severely hungover that may well become a regular haunt – Inferno Caffe ( in Macquarie shopping centre. Huge beef pattie on sourdough topped with bacon, fried egg, cheese, caramelised onions, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, BBQ sauce and probably the kitchen sink as well (and most importantly NO beetroot!) ! Wow! It certainly sorted my hangover!

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