Agape Organic Restaurant, Botany

My dear friend Amanda celebrated a very special anniversary back in February. This special occasion marked 1 year since she started training with Nat from New Outlook Fitness. It’s been an incredible year for Amanda, she has lost over 15kg so far and her dedication and commitment to creating a healthy lifestyle is inspiring to her many readers, and of course, her friends. Much love, my friend!

So where better to celebrate this year of success with the Quinoa Queens Amanda & Nat, but at Agape Organic Restaurant! Agape is an Ancient Greek word which translates as love, and here the focus is on local, seasonal, organic and sustainable produce. They also use ancient grains – amaranth (a gluten-free staple food of the Aztecs), spelt and quinoa (pronounced keen-wa). Super healthy stuff!

Agape is located on Botany Road, and is definitely worth a visit to the area. The dining room is all warm colours and wooden furniture with gorgeous chandelier fittings.

The menu features a large selection of tapas plates, spelt pizzas and mains, and we start by ordering 3 tapas plates to share. First up is the day’s special of half a dozen plump oysters dressed in a fantastic champagne and peach salsa.

Oysters with champagne & peach salsa

I love haloumi, and this salad has beautiful flavours of grilled, salty haloumi, vine leaves, olives, sweet beetroot and fresh parsley.

Grilled haloumi, vine leaves, beetroot & olive salad, $13.50

The 4 golden balls of arancini are filled with quinoa, rather than rice, which makes them very light. I love the combination of the crunchy outer, with the light centre of quinoa and green vegetables and bold basil flavours.

Spinach, feta, pea, broccoli, quinoa & basil arancini, $15

Since we were being uber-healthy, no wine was consumed with our meal, though they do have a wide range of organic wines available. We  instead chose the Parker’s Organic Sparkling Apple with Lime which was just delicious – very fresh and tangy.

Amanda chose the Hiramasa Kingfish, which caused me to feel food envy when it arrived. Another light dish, it featured well-cooked kingfish, with quinoa and a pea and broccoli puree. The lemon and homemade yoghurt added to the freshness.

Hiramasa kingfish, green beans, pea & broccoli puree, royal quinoa, homemade yoghurt & lemon, $34

Nat chose the special of grass–fed sirloin steak, which she declared the best steak she has ever had! Served on amaranth, bacon and onion, it was perfectly cooked and tender, and topped with herbed butter.

Grass–fed sirloin steak

It was a hard decision, but I chose the slow roasted pork loin. The spice flavours and various textures in this dish were lovely. The highlight for me was the buttery potato rosti, it was deliciously rich.

Slow roasted spiced pork loin, potato rosti, cabbage, apple, sage & spring onions, $33

Despite nearing bursting point, we shared 2 desserts. Nat had her eye on the meringue before we even arrived, so along with that we chose 3 scoops of organic homemade ice-cream: blueberry, which was mild in flavour, coconut, which had a smooth, coconut milk flavour, and mango, which was too tart for Amanda but I quite enjoyed it.

Organic ice cream & sorbet, $12

The meringue was a beautiful dessert, with crunchy meringue outer, poached strawberries and blueberries and a creamy vanilla ice-cream. It was a perfect end to a well-deserved feast. Here’s to another year of success Amanda! :D

Meringue, poached strawberries, blueberries & vanilla ice cream, $17

Agape Organic Restaurant and Bar

Contact details:
1385 Botany Road, Botany
Phone: 61 2 8668 5777
Opening hours:
Lunch: Thursday to Friday Noon – 3pm, Sun Noon – 3pm
Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday 6pm – Midnight

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24 responses to “Agape Organic Restaurant, Botany

  1. Nawww very sweet! x

    The picture of the kingfish just made me hungry for it again and that meringue makes me want to DIE it was so good.

    And Quinoa Queens! I LOVE that! If Nat and I ever release a book it should be called this. ;-)

  2. Glorious!! I’m heading there on Sunday for their Tuscan love feast, I can’t wait!

  3. yum! i’m always on the look out for healthy and gluten free places to eat dinner. this looks nice!

  4. Sounds like a great place for healthy eating…I like the sound of the quinoa balls.

  5. Looks great! Not far from me. Looking forward to checking it out.

  6. it’s definitely on my wish list. just have to find the time to go :-) that steak does look very good.

  7. I really enjoyed our meal at Agape. The pizza was a real hit with the table if I remember correctly! They seem like very nice people too :)

  8. I’m not far from here but have never been, despite the good reviews. I like the sound of light quinoa-filled arancini balls.

  9. Lovelovelove places like this, where it’s easy to be health concious AND decadent! Those arancini look divine!

  10. Wow – the food looks sensational! Especially that salsa on the oysters – yum!

  11. Wow this place looks awesome! Would love to visit someday :)

  12. Love Agape and the owners Simon and his sisters Lyn and Katherine are the most charming hosts you’ll ever meet! Can’t wait to go back. Is this your last visit Chanel?

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