Stylish Blogger Award

So, I’ve been awarded a Stylish Blogger Award! Now, I’m not particularly stylish… but I received a lovely message from Jasmine & Rafael at A Touch of Rojo who said they awarded me this because they really like my blog, which I thought was pretty sweet! Thank you Jasmine & Rafael! :D I started this blog in December because I love food, I enjoyed having a wedding blog, and my ‘Food, Glorious Food’ photo album on Facebook was getting excessively large; so to have people I don’t know tell me they like my blog is pretty cool (I use the word cool a lot and I don’t care if it’s anything but!).

I’ve been awarded this once before by my bestie Amanda at Me Vs. The Bulge (thank you Amanda :D ), but that was back at the beginning of this blog and I had only just started and didn’t ‘get it’ so I didn’t post about it. Actually I didn’t really ‘get it’ until about a week ago, when I realised this isn’t just about an ‘award’ per se (I googled but couldn’t find the beginnings of the award), but an acknowledgment, and a chance to give some love back to blogs you love. And I’m all about love.

Back in the day (i.e. a few months ago) I had been reading just 1 food blog daily for the past few years, Not Quite Nigella. I still continue to read her blog daily of course, because it’s fantastic, but since starting this blog I have discovered so many awesome blogs and a whole world of passion and knowledge from the many food bloggers out there. So this is a little post to share the love.

Firstly, the rules. I of course need to thank the person who gave me this award, I need to pass the award along to 10 blogs that I enjoy, and I need to share 7 things about myself. So here we go…

I’m passing this award to these 10 fantastic food and/or life blogs…

  • Muppys – for Muppy’s frequent and incredibly enticing cooking posts
  • Jasmyne Tea – for Jasmyne and Stephen’s interesting and varied recipe and eating out posts
  • Bake Bike Blog – for Lisa’s gorgeous photography and healthy, delicious recipes
  • Cooking Crusade – for Christine’s simple yet yummy recipes, especially sweets
  • Figs and Brie – for Jenny’s stunning food photography and gorgeous-looking blog
  • OMGGIMMENOW – for Omggimmenow’s great photography and tales of her food journey
  • Desert Darling – for Emmie’s engrossing insight into her life in country WA
  • Marriage, Motherhood, And… – for Sammie’s interesting tales about life
  • Adventures in Marriedland – for Natalie’s thoughts on married life, and her lovely recipes
  • Fitter Than Choc – for Kayla’s indulgent yet healthy recipes, and inspirational posts

And now, 7 things about me…

1. Spiders

I am ridiculously terrified of spiders. I will move faster than you’ve seen anyone move if I spot a spider near me. Once I was in the front passenger seat in Paul’s car, and we were parked waiting when I spotted a huntsman on the door next to me. I somehow moved myself from the front seat to the back opposite door out onto the street in just a few seconds. However, I won’t kill a spider. I don’t want them dead, I just want them out of my face!

2. Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (and Twilight)

I love these movies & books. In fact… I’ve dressed up in character costume in public before and I’m not embarrassed. I have 2 costumes, a Jedi and Padme. My Mum sewed the costumes and I made the accessory bits like belt and brace buckles, painted insignia on Padme’s arm glove etc. I’m eagerly anticipating yet dreading the final Harry Potter movie. I’m going to be so sad when it’s finished.

Darth Vader & me as Padme | Me as Jedi Barriss Offee

3. Cheese

I love cheese. All kinds of cheese! As much as I am a sweet dessert fiend, cheese is probably my favourite food. I especially love blue vein cheese. I’m also partial to a creamy brie or a sharp aged cheddar. We didn’t have a wedding cake, we had wheels of cheese.

Our Wedding Cake of Cheese

4. Pole Dancing

I’ve been taking pole dancing classes for over 4 years at Bobbi’s Pole Studio. I currently do 4 classes a week and I love it! Some women (and men) do it purely for the fitness and strength aspect, but I love the dancing side of it.


5. Grammar and Spelling

They’re, their, there. Brought, bought. You’re, your. Definately, definitely, defiantly… and the list goes on. Over the past 3 years in my administration job, I have developed a great appreciation for correct grammar and spelling. Now, I’m no expert in this field, though I hope to be one day (I tend to overuse things like hyphens, commas and brackets when I type). I find grammar-related humour hilarious! Some of my favourites are Alot by Hyperbole and a Half, and Semicolon and Misspelling by The Oatmeal.


6. Hanson, Silverchair and Muse (Bands of 3)

During my teen and young adult years I was obsessed with Hanson. My bedroom wall was covered in Hanson posters. I was a massive teeny-[mmm]bopper. My favourite was Taylor. He’s now married with 4 kids. I also loved Silverchair, and I still like them! However, for the past few years my favourite band has been Muse, and I don’t see that changing.

Hanson | Silverchair | Muse

7. Makeup Artistry

I have a Diploma in Makeup Artistry. I originally wanted to do special effects makeup but as my course went on I found that I enjoyed beauty makeup more. I still do makeup, for weddings and other special occasions, though I’m not focused on that now. I did the makeup for our wedding, for myself and my 5 bridesmaids and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

from left, clockwise: Geisha-inspired shoot | doing my wedding makeup | a friend’s bridesmaids

So there you go! That’s a bit a lot about me. Part-Geek, Part-Creative.

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21 responses to “Stylish Blogger Award

  1. Great post! Love it. You big nerd, you. ;-)

  2. Guy

    Congrats mate, well deserved. Sounds like you’ve got the full spectrum of life

  3. Hi Chanel!
    First and foremost, thanks for the award. I am really honoured. I can’t believe you do pole dancing. You are the first person I know who does poles dancing. I have been thinking of learning it, but I keep procrastinating. You must have a really strong body then :)

    • Hi Kayla! You’re welcome :D I would recommend pole dancing to anyone! You develop the strength, so don’t worry if you’ll be unable to lift yourself at first – you will! Bobbi’s has studios in Sydney, Perth, Singapore and Malaysia… ;)

  4. Wow, thanks so much for the award! It’s our first! :) Now to pass it on…

    And I’m nuts for Harry Potter too! So much so that I read the fanfiction religiously! Lol

  5. Oh wow – thank you!

    And once again, some scary similarities we have, wedding twin. I am known as the spelling & grammar nazi by most people who know me. I also LOVE cheese. Not at all into the same sort of movies as you though, you big geek! haha

    I have a funny pic to share with you – not sure how to post here, so might have to save it for my own blog post in response to this.

    • You’re welcome Natalie :D Haha that’s so funny that we have so many similarities! Yes I am a geek and proud of it ;) Ooh what photo?? Please post it in your response!

  6. Congratulations Chanel and you absolutely deserve the stylish blogger award! :D And thankyou so much for the lovely thought :) I remember when you first recommended me Brasserie Bread!

  7. Oh yay! Thanks. I will try to get to this during the week!

  8. Hello! I am like two weeks late to the party, my blog roll reading has gotten ashamedly large (like 900 posts to read large) haha.. but excuses aside..

    Thank you SO much for the award!!! It’s sooo lovely of you to think of me :):):) You have really made my week!!

    I really hate spiders too.. I hate cockroaches more. At my fiance’s house in the inner west, you can usually hear me screaming in the kitchen due to these little monsters.. ugh.

    I am also a hugee fan of the Oatmeal!

    Wow you’re a make up artist as well! So talented! Absolutely LOVE the geisha shoot.. I did the geisha dress up when I visited Japan last time and absolutely loved it haha.. Although I have to say I looked pretty darn strange…

    I love that you had a cheese wheel wedding cake.. haha. Epic win.

    • You’re welcome! :D

      Aargh I hate cockroaches too! Especially ones that fly that are huge… But spiders are still scarier to me haha.
      We were eating cheese for a couple of months after the wedding – but that’s never a bad thing (when stored correctly!) ;)

  9. Oh my goodness, I totally forgot to comment here, I’ve been so inundated with work these few weeks! But yes, thank you for this, I appreciate this so much!

    And I’ve always wanted to try pole-dancing! How much do class set you back?

    • Hi Jenny – no worries, you’re welcome! :D
      1 weekly class at Bobbi’s is $230 for an 8-week term, any extra classes after that are $115 per term.

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  11. Not sure how i missed this but THANKS!!! That is so nice of you.
    I love your facts, no one would of guessed you do pole dancing :)

  12. Wanda zakrzewski

    You didn’t mention you were in a Silverchair clip!

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